Teen Poetry Contest 2018 - Grade 7 & 8 Winners

7 & 8th Grade Winners

1st Place — Jacquelyn Christine Mattera - Grade 7

I Am A Book

I am a book 
On the bottom shelf
I am never alone
I will never be alone on this crowded shelf
My crisp pages are yellowing from age
My black font is now grey

I am forgotten in this library
My Author is currently dead
And I have never been read 
But I will wait 
For someone to walk down the incorrect aisle
Scan across the mistaken shelf 
And notice me 

2nd Place — Vivian Pearson - Grade 7


Sadness is deep indigo
It sounds like raindrops hitting the window
It smells like a swamp
It tastes like watered down, cold soup
It looks like gray skies
Sadness feels like the cold wind

3rd Place — McKenna Repovich - Grade 7

Mr. Mallory

We have just begun and I feel the effects already
We've trained for this, hours and hours of training
We hope not to end up like Mallory
Oh, Mr. Mallory, your life was just beginning

Now your skin is bleached and your hair is waving in the wind
Maybe your just a mile-marker, too frozen to be moved
You were almost to the top until beneath the ice you were pinned
The mountain will forever be your home would you have disapproved?
Did you so love the mountains that they would forever be your home?

Was it worth it 'Because it's there'?
Would you now discourage the climb?
The suffocating air could have taken you because of your dare
You still were in your prime, but maybe it was just your time

Honorable Mention — Jade Montgomery - Grade 7

The Dream Poem

I don’t know what to write
But my teachers making me 
Until I saw a bee
And it was in my teacher’s sight
Then she ran out the door and screamed
The whole class laughed
While we were making a craft
But that is what it seemed 
Until the teacher woke me up from my dream
Now I’m done with what I had to write.