Teen Poetry Contest 2018 - Grade 6 Winners

6th Grade Winners

Winner — Caden McDonald

Where I am?

Look up and around
The cold sun and dark air.
Water bounces off my skin
and drops down slowly
Every where, drop by drop 
The colder I get 
The darker it seems,
The world spinning before my eyes
Shadows dancing for me
anything could be
my thoughts deceive me
I stumble to a door.
I wake in a bed.
water collects on my body
Gasping for air. Heart beating, confused
Wondering where I am?

Honorable Mention — Adomas Osowski

Ares, God of war

Ares, the god of bloodlust and war
Your godly symbol is a boar,
We all praise you,
To not be hit with your shoe,
And become black and blue.
But you do not listen anyway,
How many more lives does it take to keep you at bay?
You must be contained,
So we are not enslaved,
But all we can do is pray, 
And hope that you stay away.
You take the lives of millions, 
And still want more,
You are the one,
That no-one adores.