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Ongoing Computer & Technology Classes

Brush up on your computer skills. Learn about new technology.  Many of our programs are featured on a repeating basis. Check our calendar for the next date.
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Learn how to design three-dimensional object using 3-D software as well as the process of printing it using the library’s 3-D printer.

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Learn how to auto-fill, format data, adjust cells and the different ways to insert and move data cells using Microsoft Excel.

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Practice using great features that will make it easier to calculate formulas, analyze trends and apply formatting in spreadsheets.

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Using Microsoft Word, learn how to save files, copy and paste, change font type, size and color as well as print documents.

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Add borders, pictures, clip art and neat effects to Word documents. Create bulleted and numbered lists, insert page numbers as well as other headers and footers.

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Registration Information

Most programs are free and don’t require advanced registration. Some computer and technology classes may have a non-refundable attendance fee that must be paid at the time of registration. Registration for these classes is taken at the computer lab desks.

If a program does require registration, it will be denoted like this: *Register.