Storytime Guidelines

Storytime should be an enjoyable experience that will lead to a love of books and continued use of the Library.
Please help your child and all children, have the best storytime experience possible by following the guidelines below:

  • Explain to your child beforehand what to expect and how to behave during storytime. Help out during storytime by modeling that behavior.
  • Storytime children sit quietly on their bottoms, with their ears open, ready to listen and enjoy the program.
  • Storytime adults save their conversations until after storytime.
  • An adult must remain in the Children’s area while their children are in a storytime program so they will be available when necessary or in case storytime ends early.
  • Please remember to use indoor voices, walk, and don’t run.
  • Please remember, no food or uncovered drinks in any area other than the tiled lobby area.

Please ask Children’s Services staff for any help you need in making your Library visit a successful one!