Dungeons & Dragons Club

Want to play Dungeons and Dragons?

Dungeons and Dragons Club is a bi-weekly meeting presented by Adult Services for players 18 and older with all player experiences welcome. Whether this is your first D&D experience, or you have been playing for years, our club members would love for you to join! We meet every other Friday. Please register in advance.

Though we usually meet in person, D&D Club is currently meeting online and requires a computer, webcam, mic, stable internet connection, and a quiet place to play. New Members should register an account on Roll20.net and Zoom.us prior to their first meeting.

I'd like to join. How do I get started?
Register for Dungeons and Dragons Club using a frequently checked email address. You can expect an email invitation to the week’s Zoom meeting by 5:30 p.m. the day of the game.

Questions? Email Meagan at mkellermann@naperville-lib.org.

What can I expect out of my first game?

Our club currently hosts four ongoing campaigns that continue week to week with player-made characters. Your first meeting with us will introduce you to our current members and our volunteer Dungeon Masters(DMs). As they continue their adventures in their breakout rooms, you will sit with the hosting librarian to create your own unique character leveled to match the game you will participate in. We can assist you step by step if necessary or just offer some good company depending on your D&D experience. After you finish creating your character, you will sit to observe the game and expect to join in the following meeting. Character creation can take most of the meeting’s available time and there is only 15 or so minutes of observation. Groups usually end their session with time to spare for greetings and introductions.
Rules to Follow:
  • All characters are created using the Point Buy system.
  • If you are new to playing Dungeons and Dragons, use the Player’s Handbook to create your character. Forgo races and subclasses in other supplementary books for ease of learning.
  • Races found in Volos Guide to Monsters and subclasses found in Xanathar's Guide to Everything and/or Tasha's Cauldron of Everything are available to players more familiar with the game.
  • Monstrous races are allowed if you are comfortable with the monstrous consequences.
  • No evil characters.

What should I do before my first meeting?

Download and sign up for an account on roll20.net and zoom.us. Having these accounts set up prior to our meeting will give you more time to create your character during our playtime.

We suggest you narrow down your choices to 2-3 regarding your character’s race and class prior to our meeting as to not be overwhelmed. If you are thinking about playing a magic class, we also suggest reviewing a few levels of spells in the classes you are considering. The library has many 5e Dungeons and Dragons books available for checkout. The best book to get when starting Dungeons and Dragons for the first time is the Player’s Handbook. If this book is checked out, Nichols Library has a reference copy for Library Use Only available to club members during open hours. You can also review much of the information in this book at DnDBeyond under Game Rules.

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