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  • What can your library do for you?
    Where can you find fabulous resources for your job search, kick-starting your business, and the latest movies--all without a monthly fee?
    Today, I participated in the quarterly pitch session hosted by my local library. A handful of "pitches" and a dozen local business leaders scored each pitch and offered instant feedback. The library also offers one-on-one job search support, access to extensive training libraries (including, now part of Linkedin), and all the Star Wars films you need to catch up on before the next one is released.
    So, here's a shout out to all public libraries, the entrepreneurs who volunteered their time today, and to Kent Palmer for running the program!

    - Rich
  • The library has a program called Stitches in the Stacks. It allows us to make hates, scarves and afghans to donate to the needy. Gream program.

    - Diane
  • I raised my family in Naperville and now that they are all grown, my adult daughter, who lives out-of-town, has been here 3X this past week with my 13 month old grandson. I came today with them and was so impressed with the improvements in the children's dept. Very user friendly w/books, play area and convenient restroom facilities. So pleased that my tax dollars are well spent! Thank you :)
    - Anonymous

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  • The Nichols library has been part of our family's life since we became parents at first, it was to bring my baby to storytime and was such an important part of her learning & development. Everthing is here for any age! A second daughter came along and both just love it! Now those babies are school age and here we are still! Now, we're here for tuoring and getting movies & books. On rainy and cold days we're here. Even on hot days we show up! I've taken advantage of reading books & magazines. As a new business owner, I come to the Naperlaunch meetings, use the meeting room & take advantage of all the resources. The library is a big part of our lives & we're so so happy you're here! Thank you!

    - Patty