Info for Staff

Better Impact

Below are helpful links for adding three frequently used elements in a trial account (application form, volunteer opportunities and volunteers):

Getting Help Along the Way

  • Click the orange Help button at the top right hand corner of each screen to access our online help manual, including a number of short and helpful videos
  • Click the green question mark in the bottom right hand corner to ask us a question
  • Email us at
  • Give us a call at 1-800-844-1545

Administrator Side


Better Impact LOGIN Screen -

Try logging in as this Volunteer Administrator:

User: NPLTestAdmin

Pword: Volunteer2017

Try This!


A. Find PEOPLE > SEARCH in the navigation menu at the top.

B.  Click the box in front of VOLUNTEER and then click SEARCH at the bottom. You will see all of the volunteers.

C. Try filtering to get a subset of volunteers. Click the green button "Add Search Criteria".

     Search type: QUALIFICATIONS.

  • At which library would you prefer to volunteer?
  • Is equal to
  • 95th Street

    Click "Add and Go". You will see the volunteers who prefer to work at 95th Street.

D. Mouse over the symbol to the left of any volunteer's name. Choose view from the green drop down menu. Click Hide/Show all sections and scroll through the volunteer's info.


A. Find ACTIVITIES > MANAGE ACTIVITIES in the navigation menu at the top.

B. Mouse over the   symbol to the left of "1 Test Activities". Click on "+ New Activity". Go through the fields and add your activity. See this page for reference:


Introductory Help (note: videos do not have sound)

Better Impact will demo their software at the 2/21 meeting



Help is available on the right hand side of the page. The yellow button will bring up documents and the green will let you ask a question of the support team.



See how other libraries use Better Impact software

Basic info

Timeclock - Kiosk Mode Set up / Permissions / Mobile Timeclock Restrictions

Volunteer Side

Try this!

Create a volunteer profile for yourself so that you can see how it works.​
1. Sign up as an SRP Volunteer!

  • Be sure to answer these questions:
  • Library  at which you want to work
  • NPL Library card #
  • YES you want to volunteer for SRP

2. Go to the volunteer opportunities page and login in.

3. Check your SCHEDULE. Any volunteer opportunities that you sign up for will appear here.

4. Sign up for a volunteer shift. Click on OPPORTUNITIES. Choose the event. Try using the filters. Click on the SIGN UP button. And CONFIRM to finish.

5. Check your schedule. This event should now appear in the list.