Library Stories

  • I remember the summer before I started 8th grade, me and a good friend of mine volunteered in the summer reading program. We had the privilege of being able to help younger kids further their love of reading. That was a specal time for me because I have loved reading ever since I was a little kid. Getting to shape that same love with other children was a real treat. Not only that, but it was also an amazing chance for me to improve my social skills. Talking with so many different people from different backgrounds really expanded my peer socialbility and improved who I was in the long run. The library is such an amazing community spot and it has always treated me well. 

    - Adam T.
  • One of my fondest memories of the library was when my parents would visit me from India. My dad is 85+ and one of the biggest concerns was to have him "something to do". Well, you see he happens to be still employed back home and works for a living. So it was mighty difficult to ___  all get him here to meet his kids, grandkids etc, and second to have him occupied in a way he would be happy (he can only watch the TV, Netflex, etc for a maximum of 1 hour).

    However, when I got him to the library he was absolutely delighted and wanted to be here all day-ALL DAY. We have always known his love of books, but its been a long time since he has been to a library-or have the luxury to browse the books. So, now he looks forward to visiting us in Naperville, especially (and because of) the Nichols library. The added bonus is the Riverwalk next to the library. He loves to take long walks, so this gives my almost 90 years old dad the added pleasure of both the library and the riverwalk. We all love the library even more for the happiness it brings to our 85 years olds! Thank you!

    - Damini S.