A Naperville Public Library card being held up inside the Library. Text: Naperville Public Library

If you are new to Naperville, or if you have never had a Naperville Public Library card, you can register for a card for yourself or a minor (anyone under age 18) using the forms below. You must be a Naperville resident who lives in incorporated Naperville to register for a card online. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an email from us to confirm if your eligibility has been verified.

For information on who can get a library card or options to obtain a library card if you don't live in incorporated Naperville, please view our Library Cards page.

If you already have a Naperville Public Library card and your card is about to expire or if you need to update your address, contact us to renew your existing card.

  1. Register an Adult

Please review our Library Card Policy and fill out the form below to register for a library card.

  1. Register a Child