Personalized Reading List for Adults

Looking for a good book? We will create a reading list just for you! Please fill out the form below and we will send you via email a list of ten titles based on your preferences. 

This service is limited to customers with a valid Naperville Public Library card in good standing. Questions? See the complete library card information.

Personalized Reading List for Adults

  1. What type of book are you currently in the mood for?
  2. What is the most important focus of the book for you?
  3. Do you prefer stories told
  4. Is there any content that you are not comfortable with
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  7. Do you prefer fiction, nonfiction, or both?
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  9. For example, “I enjoy reading science fiction that focuses on a dystopian world…or romances that have elements of suspense and danger.”

  10. Preferred Nonfiction Types

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  11. For example, “I enjoy travel memoirs, especially those that talk about food.”

  12. For example, “I like books that are part of a series.”

  13. Please allow us 10 days to send you your list of titles and thank you for filling out this form.

    Happy Reading!

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