Meeting Rooms

Naperville Public Library’s meeting rooms are designed primarily to meet the operational needs of the Library and offer accommodations for educational, informational, cultural, and civic functions of the Naperville community. When not used for Library purposes, meeting rooms are available for public use. 

  • Advance reservation required (more than 10 days)
  • Rental fees apply
  • 3.5-hour time limit
  • Maximum of two reservations per week
  • Library card required

Please familiarize yourself with the Meeting Room Policy (PDF) before making a reservation. As the person making the reservation, you are responsible for following the policy statements. 

Meeting Rooms Available for Reservation

Staff cannot assist in setting up personal laptops or devices to work with Wi-Fi or Library equipment.

The interior of Nichols Community Room. It is a large room set up with a few rows of chairs.Nichols Library – Community Room

Maximum Capacity: 144

The interior of the Naper Blvd. Program Room. A medium sized room set up with chairs.Naper Blvd. Library – Program Room

Maximum Capacity: 40

Due to ongoing renovations at Naper Blvd. Library, the meeting room at this location will be closed and not available for reservation starting October 28, 2023, until renovations are complete.

The interior of 95th Street Room A. A medium sized room set up with chairs and tables.95th Street Library – Meeting Room A

Maximum Capacity: 100

The interior of 95th Street Room B. A medium sized room set up with chairs facing the front.95th Street Library – Meeting Room B

Maximum Capacity: 70

The interior of 95th Street Rooms A and B combined. A large room set up with chairs.95th Street Library – Meeting Room A/B

Maximum Capacity: 150

The interior of 95th Street Room C. A smaller sized room with tables and chairs set up in rows.95th Street Library – Nomura Room C

Maximum Capacity: 20

*Registered nonprofits with an EIN and proof of tax-exempt status receive a 50% discount.
Meeting Room Room Charge for 3.5-Hour Time Slot*
Nichols Community Room $200
Naper Blvd. Program Room $100
95th Street, Room A & B $200
95th Street, Room A $100
95th Street, Room B $100
95th Street, Nomura Room C $100
Registered Reciprocal Borrowers Add $25
Piano (95th Street Library only, Room A, B, or A/B) Add $30

Note: Users who need projection will be required to use a computer supplied by Naperville Public Library. Due to limited technical support, it is not possible to utilize your own devices, including laptops, to connect to the projector. Please use a flash drive or cloud based storage. DVDs can also be projected through the meeting room computer.