Exam Proctoring

The Library offers proctoring services for a fee. If you would like to have an exam proctored, please read the guidelines below and schedule your exam.

Anyone may apply for examination proctoring. Exams are proctored by adult services staff during regular Library hours Monday through Saturday at Nichols Library and 95th Street Library, subject to staff availability. It is the customer's responsibility to contact their agencies or institutions to provide the exam materials to the proctor. Proctors will not remain with the students in the same room but will intermittently monitor them.

Due to ongoing renovations at Naper Blvd. Library, exams will not be proctored at that location starting October 16, 2023, until renovations are complete.

Please contact your prospective proctor before filling out any school paperwork in order to avoid clerical errors.


To recover the cost of coordination, supervision, any necessary photocopying, and record-keeping, fees will be assessed according to the schedule below.

  • Naperville Public Library cardholders with a current card and no outstanding fees on account: $30 per exam session up to four consecutive hours.
  • All others, including reciprocal borrowers: $60 per exam session up to four consecutive hours.
  • Any fees over $10 owed to Naperville Public Library must be paid ahead of time.

The exam will not be administered until the fee is paid by the person taking the exam.

Schedule Your Next Proctored Exam

Proctoring must be scheduled one week in advance and administered by appointment. Contact the following staff to schedule your next proctored exam. 

  1. Martha Vickery

    Adult Services Librarian - Nichols

  1. Nicole Stachnik

    Adult Services Librarian - 95th Street


Library Policy 252: Examination Proctoring