Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


Naperville Public Library is committed to providing materials, services, and programs that represent a wide array of cultures and experiences so that all members of the community feel included and represented.

How Do We Define Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?


The collective identities and differences, visible and invisible, that make up a person or community. A diverse organization grows and is strengthened by encouraging different perspectives. 


Ensures fair treatment and equal opportunity for all, recognizing that some groups have been historically marginalized. An equitable organization strives to increase opportunities and eliminate barriers for marginalized groups.


An environment where a diverse group of people feels valued, welcomed, respected, and accepted. An inclusive organization enacts policies and initiatives that help everyone feel they contribute fully to the organization’s success. 

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Board of Trustees Diversity Statement

The Naperville Public Library Board of Trustees released a Diversity Statement in the summer of 2020 to reaffirm the Library’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.