Book & Discussion Groups

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Upcoming Book & Discussion Groups 

Do you enjoy discovering different books and discussing interesting topics with other readers? The Library has a wide variety of Book & Discussion Groups for adults, teens, and children. These programs vary by age group, topic, and some require registration. Join us at one of our upcoming Book & Discussion Group meetings

Book & Discussion Groups by Age

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  2. Teens
  3. Children

Book Buzz

Naperville Public Library librarians will discuss new books coming out this season, as well as give book recommendations for current books that are generating buzz with readers.

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Criminal Spines Book Club

Peer into humanity's darker nature via the world of criminals and detectives. Discuss mysteries, thrillers, suspense novels, and true crime.

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Great Decisions Discussion Group

Study and discuss foreign policy issues. One topic is covered each week.

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Great Books Discussion Group

Referenced from the Great Books Reading and Discussion Program.  

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Out of This World Book Club

Celebrate both science fiction and fantasy.

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Readers' Night Out

Socialize with other readers while sharing recent reads and favorite titles.

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Readers' Rendezvous Daytime Book Club

Daytime is a great time to talk about books, and this book club provides a great variety of titles to spark conversation, both Fiction and Non-Fiction.

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Readers’ Choice Book Club

Explore and discuss quality, thought-provoking fiction, and non-fiction titles.

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