Get Notices About Your Account

Email Notification

Login to My Account and click on "Edit Account" to make your selection or call the customer service desk at 630-961-4100.

Why am I not getting my email notices?
Please make sure your spam or junk mail folder is set to accept messages from Naperville Public Library.

Text Messages (Shoutbomb)

Keep up-to-date with your Library account on your mobile phone using the Shoutbomb text messaging service.

  • Receive text notices about items available to pick up, items due soon, and overdue items.
  • Send a text to request a renewal and receive a text back with the result of your request.
  • Send a text to see your account's expiration date.
  • Set up multiple library accounts on the same phone.

Please Note: The Library does not charge a fee for this service, but your cell phone plan's regular text-messaging rates apply.

It is easy to sign up! 

Sign up Using Your Phone

Follow these instructions and send a text:

  • Text the keyword SIGNUP+yourlibrarycardnumber+pin to 844-339-8546 (Example: Signup+21318001234567+4321) The "+" is important and there should be no spaces.
  • After a successful registration, you will receive a series of text messages, including one indicating you have successfully signed up and giving instructions to add additional cards and another listing which of the available notifications are active/inactive for your account.

Opt In or Out of Any Shoutbomb Features

Text the highlighted keywords shown below to 844-339-8546.

FeaturesText This KeywordDescription of Features
HOLDS & CHECKOUTSMYBOOKSTo inquire about the status of all your Library items
HOLDSHOLDSTo opt in or out
HOLDSHLTo see a list of your items available for pick-up
OVERDUEOVERDUETo opt in or out
OVERDUEOLTo view a list of overdue items
OVERDUEOATo renew all overdue items
RLTo view a list of items due soon
RATo renew all items due soon
RESENDRESENDTo view messages from the last 3 days
NOTICESNOTICESTo view the current status of all the Opt-In/Out notices
ADDCARDADDCARD+Your Library Card Number+PINTo receive text alerts for another card within your family; use your personal card number and PIN as well as the "+" sign and no spaces (example: AddCard+21318001234567+4321)
DROPCARDDROPCARDTo end text alerts for a specific library card
MYCARDSMYCARDSTo view all family cards
IOWEUIOWEUTo view the current total fee for each of the registered barcodes
ANNOUNCEMENTSANNOUNCEMENTSTo subscribe to Library announcements
NEWPASSNEWPASS + Your Library Card + PINIf you change the PIN for a specific Library account, to update your account with the text notification service
SWITCHPHONESWITCHPHONETo switch to a different phone
STOPSTOPTo quit the service

Note: There is no charge from the Library for this service, however you may see a charge for incoming text messages at the standard rate applied by your cell phone carrier, depending on your plan or package.